Cards Against Humanity

A Discord bot designed for this game and nothing else. Made by PineappleFan and Minion3665. Server | Invite | Email
All of the bot's code is open source and avaliable on GitHub.

This bot is not affiliated with Cards Against Humanity LLC. It was made by a few people on Discord.


This bot's prefix is $, or you can mention it instead.

Command Description Usage Errors
Help Displays a list of commands, the bot's invite, and the server link. $help
Packs Displays a list of expansion packs to add to your game. $packs
Play Starts a game of Cards Against Humanity. Requires mentions. Optional: an amount of rounds ( 0 = unlimited, multiplied by players in the game ), and the packs to use ( displayed with $packs, default is base game ). $play @PineappleFan @Minion3665 @Mine 5 all

Not enough pings

You need to mention more members for a game.

Too many pings

The amount of members mentioned is over the limit.

Game in progress

A game is already running in the current channel. This game must be ended with $end first.
End Ends the currently played game. $end

No running game

A game is not running in the current channel, and therefore could not be ended.
Legal Shows all legal information about the bot. $legal

Coming Soon

Not started

Development and testing

Pending release

$continue command

The game only progresses when you run a command.

Kick command

Anyone with the kick members permission or the creator of the game will be able to remove a player.

Scoreboard and Playing

During a game, you can check the people currently lpaying and their scores if you are not part of the current game.

Host command

To start a game, type $host, and everyone else can $join the game in the next 60 seconds.


Email us here.

[NonCommercial] Firstly, this bot is not designed to make money.
[Attribution] This bot is based off the concept by Cards Against Humanity LLC.
[ShareAlike] This bot uses the same lisence as the original game, Creative Commons by-nc-sa 2.0